What we do

It’s not rocket science that you get improved results when leaders, employees, strategies and goals are aligned. Our drive is to help make great things happen in companies through organisational alignment, leadership development and creating high performing teams.

Executive coaching / mentoring / advisory

Whether you are a veteran CEO or a newly promoted manager, being a leader can sometimes be a lonely and challenging place. The Alignz coaching and advisory service works to transition good managers to become great leaders. We work with CEO’s, or other senior and junior executives to help them gain self-awareness, develop true leadership skills, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential or act as a confidential and supportive sounding board.

Building high performing teams

Research suggests that failure rates for teams and team implementations can be as high as 90%. We all know that the power of a team working as one provides outcomes that far exceed what most think possible.

High performance teamwork does not come through good luck or good fortune though. By utilising the Team Alchemy framework, we create extraordinary team results by harnessing the talents and abilities of individuals as they go about their daily work tasks.

“Team Alchemy is the state of high performance teamwork that combines outstanding results, synergistic relationships and deep fulfillment from working and learning together.”
Trevor Lawrence – Founder Team Alchemy

Organisational alignment and change management

40–60% of the value of strategy is lost through the execution phase (Harvard Business Review). Other researchers such as Gallup place a higher percentage of loss.  Misalignment of resources, teams, communication, goals & rewards and poor collaboration are a few of the key failures in getting things done with optimal effectiveness. Alignz works with organisations to identify and remedy any misalignment within a company’s ecosystem to maximise the potential of any strategy or change initiative.

Culture & purposeful performance

Culture is the key for success and where the real power lies.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Peter Drucker

Statistics show clearly show that:

  • Companies with a purpose and values-based culture achieved 400% higher revenues (Heskett and Kotter)
  • Purpose-driven organisations outperformed the general market and comparison companies by 15:1 and 6:1 respectively (Collins and Peras – Build to Last)
  • 40% of an organisation’s brand reputation is determined by its purpose and the other 60% by performance this clearly shows the importance of purpose to brand (Burson-Marsteller).

Cultural misalignment greatly inhibits performance and slows growth. We are passionate in supporting the development and implementation of a purposeful culture within organisations.

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