Genesis Energy I.T. departmental transformation


Genesis Energy has a Customer Experience business, an Energy Management business and an interest in the Kupe oil and gas field.

As competition in the energy market ramped up, and technology enablement was seen as a strategic differentiator in the market for Genesis Energy, we needed to significantly increase the value required from the IT Group to drive the company’s competitive challenges.

To meet our objective, we needed to totally transform our department’s approach from being an insular and reactive group of individuals, to being a customer centric team that made great things happen. Recognising that the Genesis Energy IT Group was a hybrid between employed personnel and strategic service providers, we needed to bring all participants on the journey.

A key component to achieving our goal was to reach through the contract and go beyond our Service Level Agreement relationship with our primary service provider; Gen I.

We asked Bill Bain to work with us to make this happen.

Bill’s passion to help us make a difference was evident from the start and he was committed to thoroughly understanding our businesses. His business background enabled him to quickly understand the dynamics of both Genesis Energy and Gen-I, and he was able bring thought provoking discussions to the table.

Bill worked with the leadership teams of both Genesis Energy and Gen-I to create a departmental intent which we would all be committed to.

Through a series of blended workshops combining both Gen-I and Genesis Energy personnel, Bill was able to engender commitment from the teams to the intent. With a new set of working principles a series of clear and pragmatic action plans were also developed to ensure that the intent sustained over a long period of time. These actions transpired to be the change program that delivered a new culture for the team.

With a ubiquitous intent, culture, and working principles the combined teams transformed into a high performing business unit delivering significant benefits for Genesis Energy; including:

  • Significant reduction in business disruption caused by technology incidents;
  • 28% improvement in Capital Efficiency through improved business unit engagement in the delivery of strategic initiatives; and
  • Transformation in the perception and engagement of the technology team, from being “file and print support” to being engaged in strategic business initiatives that delivered great value for the company.

– all within the framework of establishing a common intent and working as a team, I strongly endorse Bill’s services to any organisation who wants to transform from being ordinary to extraordinary.

Russell Ambrose – I.T. Manager (Genesis Energy)

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