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Bill has a way about him that challenges your perspective, and manages to do so in a way that leaves a lasting impression or thought. A natural reaction of most people is to defend their way of thinking, or believe that they are open minded – Bill has the ability to open your mind further and to really challenge your deep seated opinions and beliefs – both those you hold about yourself and those you hold of others and your perceived reality. He has a way of making your strengths work for you more effectively, and for you to be able to identify your weaknesses – especially those that are critical to your role and your progression.

At the same time Bill is willing to be challenged in return, and have a constructive conversation. For anyone to have an effect as a mentor, you must be open to challenge. Bill got me to a position that I became open to challenge. I was not a fan at all of personal coaching and mentoring until I met Bill, and can honestly say he has made a tangible difference in my life over the last year that is visible to not only me, but those around me. He also mentors/coaches others that I know, and has had a positive visible effect on those individuals as well, and these are some of the most headstrong people I know.

So publicly – thank you Bill. You are invaluable to me and my growth

Joshna Mistry – Partner Value Added Services

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How often do names say it all?  Bain.
Bill will be the absolute Bain of your life, he is relentless, in your face, challenging, asks hard questions and never rests. He will drive you to better performance, better systems, better focus and better measurement.

I have to say I have not enjoyed having done to me what I so determinedly do to others. However, I must also say I value it. He asks questions that are counter intuitive to my perspective, which means he widens your perspective, never a bad thing.

If you engage Bill you will start with hope, go through frustration and pain and come out stronger.

A one liner from Bill that I now add to my own, Leadership is not just about having somewhere to go and others to follow, it is about getting everyone there safe. Many do this instinctively, many don’t even think about it. So, Bill thank you for reminding me that leadership comes with the responsibility to get everyone to the destination.

Bruce Sheppard – CEO Gilligan Sheppard

I have worked for and with Bill on and off over the past 12 years.
Over the years he has supported me on my own personal growth path and successfully coached me through several professional challenges.

Bill has always had an amazing ability to cut through the day to day stuff and help you to see what is needed simply and clearly. He is great at helping you find your way to a solution and his caring nature enables him to navigate his way diplomatically when you may have to face up to some home truths.

His love of people and business comes through in everything he does and his passion to help others to grow and develop themselves or their organisation is infectious.

If you or others within your company need support to reach their full potential, I highly recommend you get in touch with Bill

Davin Brown – National Sales Manager

Developing a high performing team

I had been asked to lead a team full of great people but on coming in I found out that the work environment made them feel like victims.
A “toxic dumping ground” for the organization was one of their quotes.

Not a good feeling for a customer service team.

I asked Bill to help me turn this team around.

Despite Bill coming in as an outsider, he quickly established a strong rapport with the team.
He took us through a process which saw us establish a clear direction that inspired and aligned us.

He then helped us develop a high-level action plan we could implement immediately and provided some simple yet powerful tools to help us move out this poor place we were in.
Within six months and with good old hard work (which is what Bill said it would take) we became a team that made great things happen.

As a result of our transformation, the engaged and happy members of the team were rewarded with the CEO recognizing them as being one of the top teams within the organisation.

An amazing journey in a short period of time that changed a group of people for the better.
If you would like to transform your ordinary group of people to becoming a high performing team, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Bill.

Davin Brown – Head of Customer Services



Having Bill join the Canon team was a huge win right from the outset. The value Bill delivered consistently in providing leadership and guidance to his team, insight into internal and external marketing, branding and culture set a new cohesive direction for Canon.

Bill has very strong family and collaborative values which are invaluable to team work; he has a genuine interest in people. With a focussed and positive attitude, great things happen. Bill’s mix of experience and skills from both an FMCG channel background and B2B with TelstraClear and now Canon are very beneficial, yet quite unusual to find, but his biggest strength is leading a team – to work together, enjoying what they do and who they do it with everyday, regardless of the pressure or tediousness of the tasks.

Mike Johnston
Managing Director / CEO
Canon NZ Limited


It’s been awesome to work with Bill. His coaching enabled me to understand how I could become more effective by applying new ways of working. He is a great listener and tenacious in keeping me on track. I’m inspired by his passion for high performance and value the pragmatic wisdom of his experience. Bill creates a trusted relationship easily because his genuine care is obvious. He has a gift for focusing on what matters – purpose, performance and people.

Leanne Gibson-
Executive director
Manurewa High School Business Academy

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Bill is professional skilled sales and marketing executive that has the ability to quickly build trustworthy business relationships. He has the ability to keep relationship strong during testing times.

I would describe Bill as a person that has a natural affinity with people, he has a entrepreneurial spirit and able to build respect with his peers and lasting relationships with his customers.

Patrick Carson
Head of Solutions Management


Genesis Energy has a Customer Experience business, an Energy Management business and an interest in the Kupe oil and gas field.

As competition in the energy market ramped up, and technology enablement was seen as a strategic differentiator in the market for Genesis Energy, we needed to significantly increase the value required from the IT Group to drive the company’s competitive challenges.

To meet our objective, we needed to totally transform our department’s approach from being an insular and reactive group of individuals, to being a customer centric team that made great things happen. Recognising that the Genesis Energy IT Group was a hybrid between employed personnel and strategic service providers, we needed to bring all participants on the journey… Read the rest of Russell Ambrose’s story here.


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